Child Safe Lock

The Child Lock Mode will keep your kids from meddling with this machine as no control buttons will work, except the power button.

Magic Filter

This filter accumulates small particles so that your clothes come out clean. This prevents the clogging of the drainage system, thereby making it easy for you to clean.

Presence Free Wash

All you have to do is preset the time and program, and the machine will ensure that your clothes remain clean.

Automatic Resume

When the power comes back, this washing machine will automatically resume the wash cycle from where it stopped.

Simple Operation (Fuzzy Mode)

In just two steps, the intelligent fuzzy logic will do your job for you. You will get clean clothes in no time, while you are relaxing on your couch.

Tub Clean Mode

This mode removes detergent build-up as well as other residues so that the wash drum is clean and hygienic.

Auto Balance System

This system detects if there are unbalanced clothes in the machine. It then redistributes these clothes to give them a consistent and effective wash.

200 Sapphire Crystal-shaped Stainless Steel

The inner drum offers a unique scrubbing action so that your clothes get an effective wash. By creating more space, the super-wide drum reduces the twisting of your laundry, thereby minimising the wear and tear.



Screen Resolution
Full HD (1920 x 1080)




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