Solve your Monetization problems in minutes

Micromax is offering “Monetization-as-a-Service” backed by top Industry Experts trained by Google on AdMob/Adx. As a “Google ADX” Channel Partner, we are offering Ad Yield optimization Services.

With us, you can get your monetization strategy vetted, learn how to setup Open Bidding, get personalized strategies to improve ARPDAU and solve policy violations. We also provide “Premium” Google Adx demand to our published partners.

Our Services

Google Policy Compliance

Our close relationship with Google and deep understanding of their ad products such as AdMob, AdX, firebase and GAM allow us to deliver quick policy compliant assistance.

Dedicated Account Manager

All our partners get access to dedicated AdMob experts to solve their queries.

Google Policy Compliance

Get direct access to AdMob experts 24×7 and get your queries sorted in minutes.

Google AdX

You get access to Google AdX demand without becoming a direct partner. Our inhouse ad-ops team further ensure you start with our expertise for strategy and operations.

Ad Optimization Tools

We utilize additional tools to further increase your CPM performance.

Dedicated Account Manager

Get dedicated account manager who is an AdX expert and is your single point of contact for all AdX queries.

Google Policy Compliance

Get direct access to AdMob experts 24×7 and get your queries sorted in minutes.

Why Work with Us?

Google AdX partner

We are a trusted Google partner which ensures authenticity, policy compliance and scale for our publishers

Quick Payments

Get quick payments (within same month) so that your monthly cash flow cycle is not affected. We further offer advance payment programs for even earlier payment requirement

Direct Google Report

Get periodic reports from Google team to your inbox directly along with data from us to validate your earnings

AdX expertise for mobile apps

While almost every other AdX partner works on AdX for websites, we specialize in AdX for apps. Our team includes veterans working in app ecosystem for over a decade.

Get Insights

Get performance optimization inputs, app ideas and other insights from our analytics team for your apps compared to other 1000s of apps

No SDK integration

Start using all our services within minutes of connecting with us. And without any SDK integration requirement